Vith Logan

Interactive and Digital Media

A Comprehensive Usability Test of

I was tasked with conducting a Usability test of as an assignment, in User Experience Design. A course I took in my first semester, in the Interactive Media Management program at Centennial College. The purpose of this test was to assess the usability of Sunwing’s website design, ease of use and flow. is a go-to website for Canadians seeking to purchase a vacation online. Being a trusted source of many, the usability of this site is very important.

In order to test, I the test administrator, contacted and recruited four student volunteers from Centennial College to participate in the test. Students were tested individually and each test lasted roughly 20 minutes. Each test scenario tested each of the participants going through the natural flow of booking a vacation of their choice.

Upon completion of the test, it was clear that 100% of the participants were able to complete the tasks with ease. However, there were a few minor shortfalls in the overall user experience. If you are interested in learning more about this Usability Test, feel free to browse through the report here.

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