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Interactive and Digital Media

An Interactive Strategy to Preserve Heritage and Homes in Halton Hills

Georgetown is a small town located in Halton Hills, Ontario. The residents of this town were posed with a problem that divided their community. Many homeowners in Halton Hills owned properties deemed Heritage Homes. While many residents embraced their heritage homes, while, others were demolishing them in order to make way for “monster homes”. They, sadly were unaware of the historic value these homes added to the community and were tearing these properties down. This caused a divide in the community.

The Heritage Halton Hills Advisory Committee (HHAC) was established to address the issue. HHAC has since been tirelessly working to preserve the town’s history, heritage, and culture by raising awareness.

HHAC wanted to take a strong digital approach to appeal to the younger demographics. So, they turned to us, a group of five students, hand-selected by our professor to find innovative ways to bring awareness to heritage properties and its committee digitally. We provided the committee with an interactive strategy to increase awareness of Heritage properties, as well as, to highlight the purpose and value of preserving these properties.

Our first step was to conduct research. We started off by visiting Halton Hills to get a feel for the community. Upon our visit, we surveyed locals to understand their knowledge and frustrations with respect to Heritage Homes. We also analyzed census data of the town to understand our demographics. Once we conducted our user research, we created Personas based on our research to guide our strategy.

These personas now gave us a good understanding of whom we were to target. We Then focused our attention on how to present the information. We conducted a Comparative Analysis to understand what other cities and towns are doing to present similar messages.

Using this research and new found knowledge, we created an Interactive Strategy. Our strategy consisted of the following components: Voice & Tone, Website Content & Structure (which included Wireframes), Social Media Strategy and sample Content (Examples included for: Facebook and Instagram), as well as an innovative VR Video Concept.

Though Halton Hills is historic, they are far from historical. In order to meet the needs of their community, we felt that these elements were necessary for shaping the view of Heritage properties amongst the various community members.

The Heritage Halton Hills Advisory Committee was highly pleased with our efforts. They have since started implementing the strategy on their website and through social media.

You read our Interactive Strategy for Georgetown here.

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